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Work Permit

A valid Work Permit enables Grenadian businesses to bring in skilled workforce from overseas, to meet their own objectives and needs.

Service Information

Grenadian businesses needing special or specific skills that are not available locally shall avail the Work Permit service, to bring skilled manpower from overseas. It is essential that the business demonstrates that local talent is not available towards fulfilling their needs.

CARICOM nationals who have a Caribbean Skills Qualification Certificate or equivalent are exempt from having to apply for a work permit. They shall, however, obtain clearance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs claiming that their skills match the requirements of the Caribbean Skills Qualification.

  1. The business that desires to bring foreign skills has demonsrated that local talent is not available
  2. The business is in sound financial position and has met all its statutory needs towards the Government of Grenada
Process Steps

Note: Form can be used to apply for a Work Permit, or for an Exemption (by Ticking the appropriate box). In addition, the user may apply for an exemption by getting his/ her Caribbean Skills Certificate validated (see below).

  1. Employer fills all details of themselves as well as the prospective employee as requested in the form.
  2. Additional details requested are uploaded as PDF documents that are well formatted and ‘print-ready’. These include the following
      1. Notarized Qualification Certificates
      2. Copy of Passport (that includes the biodata page and details of last date of arrival/extensions
      3. Passport Photos
      4. Work Experience (CV)
      5. Police Clearance from country of Residence from preceding 6 months.
      6. Letters of Recommendation
      1. Employer Letter Addressed to Permanent Secretary
      2. Copy of Proof of Finance / Bank Statement from Reputable Bank
      3. Copy of Business Incorporation
      4. Tax obligation status from the Inland Revenue Division
      5. Certificate of Compliance / Registration from the NIS
      6. Letter of Exemption from Payment of fees attached.
  3. Review your Application. Submit
  4. A Payment of EC$100 is taken for processing. The actual fee, outlined under Payment Details is taken only upon Approval of the actual Work Permit.
  5. Following the internal review by the Ministry of Labour, clearance is taken from other concerned departments that include RGPF and Immigration. The fully cleared application is sent to the Minister of Labour for Approval.
  6. Once approved by the Ministry / Permanent Secretary, you will be updated on the status.
  7. Work Permit Card is created.
  8. The Employer collects the Work Permit Card from the Ministry.
  9. All permits are renewed annually.

Note: Those seeking to obtain an exemption by getting their Caribbean Skills Certification validated shall fill the "Application for Recognition of Caribbean Community Skills Qualification"

Payment Details

Payments are collected in two stages for this service.

  1. EC$100 is required for processing the Work Permit Application. This is non-refundable
  2. Upon approval of a Work Permit, the following fees are applicable.
    1. US $1000 for OECS / CARICOM countries,
    2. US $3000 for Commonwealth and $5000 for all others

Individuals with Caribbean Skills Qualification are exempt from the post-approval fee.


Ministry of Labour

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Tanteen, St. George's, Grenada, W.I.
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