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National Insurance Scheme - Employer Registration

Employers can register their employees with the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) to ensure benefits to their employees

Service Information

All employers are required to complete this form to comply with the Government of Grenada NIS regulations.

By NIS regulation, an employee can be an Individual, Sole Trader, Partnership or Body Corporate with whom an employee has entered into service and who is liable to pay salary, wages or other remuneration for services performed. An Employee includes domestics, trainees, gardeners and other persons performing similar tasks whether of a full time or part-time nature.


Employers must attach the Certificate of Registration of Business Name or a Certificate of Incorporation, Notice of Directors and Notice of Registered Office if a Company.

Process Steps
  1. Business shall first register themselves in this E-Services Portal and obtain a valid number and access credentials
  2. Download and fill the Employers Registration Form.
  3. Fill all employees details as requested. This shall include their NIS number as well.
  4. Attach the required Certificates mentioned in pre-requisites section
  5. Revisit and periodically check status of the registration

National Insurance Scheme

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