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Juvenile Protection & Care

Juvenile Protection & Care

Juvenile Justice

The Government of Grenada recognizes that every youth has value, every youth can earn and every youth can contribute to nation building. The children and/or youth of Grenada are crucial to its economic and social development. Though it is recognized that many of the young persons are law abiding and achieving great milestones, there are many more that find themselves in conflict with the law and need specialized care and assistance.

Recognizing the urgent need to reform our juvenile justice system, the Government of Grenada has embarked on a Reform of the Juvenile Justice System which is expected to: Prevent and divert potential offenders into positive living and to rehabilitate offenders. Thus ensuring the island has more responsible youths, a reduction in offending behaviour, and fewer juveniles in prison.

The reformation process was complemented by the institutionalization of a Juvenile Justice Division: The aim is delivering comprehensive juvenile justice services through a systematic approach. It is informed by a method that is very distinctive from the adult penal system, with a far greater emphasis on diversion from court proceedings and it is built on the rehabilitation approach.

Juvenile Justice comprises of different dimensions and a multiplicity of interventions Including prevention, intervention and rehabilitative services.

Prevention Programme

The Prevention programme is the creation of an environment that deters children from coming into conflict with the law. Such an environment should ensure a meaningful life in the community and foster a process of personal development and education that is as free from crime as possible. Prevention may include community-based programmes, school-based programmes, information and education campaigns, and parenting programmes. It includes a number of stakeholders: Teachers, Police, Concerned Citizens (volunteers), Social Workers, Church Groups, Children, and the media.

Intervention Programme

The Intervention programme is a diversionary strategy. Juveniles are diverted when he or she is in conflict with the law but has their case resolved through alternatives, without recourse to the usual formal hearing before the relevant authority. Diversion interventions can be an option at different contact points: at the school level, community level, the Police, and the Court.

Rehabilitation Programme

The Rehabilitation programme is designed to bring back or instil acceptable social behaviors in young offenders. It includes non-residential sentencing- day programmes, residential sentencing, combined sentencing, and follow-up.

After Care Programme

The After Care programme is designed to assist children released from detention in returning to society, family life, education or employment after release. It includes reintegration with family, reintegration with school, Family counseling, Case conferencing (School, Community), and Employment assistance.

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