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Grant Scheme for NGOs

Grant Scheme for NGOs

The Grenada National Commission for UNESCO invites government ministries, departments, agencies, registered NGOs and youth organisations, whose area of work falls under UNESCO’s purview, to submit requests for possible funding for projects under the 2018-2019 Participation Programme.

The projects or proposals must be related to UNESCO’s mandate and fields of competence, which are the promotion of Education, Science, Information and Communications, or Culture. Preference will be given to projects that are of a trans-disciplinary nature, which will be of benefit to Grenada and address issues related to gender, or those affecting youth. Please refer to UNESCO’S priorities identified in documents 39 C/5, accessed at: 39 C/5 –

Requests for funds, which must not exceed US $26,000 can be sought for:

  1. The setting up of projects/programmes;
  2. The services of specialists and consultants;
  3. Publications, periodicals and documentation;
  4. Materials and equipment;
  5. The organisation of conferences, meetings and seminars