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Disability Assistance Grant

Disability Assistance Grant

Disability Pension: Younger than age 60 with at least 150 weeks of paid contributions and at least 30% assessed the degree of disability.

Disability Grant: Younger than age 60 with an assessed degree of disability of less than 30%. There are no qualifying conditions for contributions.

Permanent Disability Benefits

Disability pension: 30% of average weekly earnings plus 1% of average weekly earnings for each 50-week period of contributions exceeding 500 weeks is paid.

  • Average weekly earnings are the average annual earnings in the best five years divided by 52.
  • The minimum weekly pension is EC$46.40.
  • The maximum weekly pension is 60% of average earnings.

Disability grant: A lump sum of five times average weekly covered earnings for each 50-week period of contributions is paid.

  • Average weekly covered earnings are the sum of weekly earnings for the relevant period divided by the number of weeks.
  • Benefit adjustment: Benefits are reviewed periodically.