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The National Infectious Disease Control Unit

The National Infectious Disease Control Unit

The National Infectious Disease Control Unit was established in 2002 to respond to the continuing spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections;  emerging and re-emerging infections like tuberculosis and avian influenza.

Mission:  To respond to the threat posed by existing and emerging infectious diseases and provide care treatment and support for persons infected with and affected by these diseases.

Vision:  We envision people with positive attitudes and healthy lifestyles resulting in the reduction of HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted infections and the elimination of stigma and discrimination.

Objectives:  The main objectives of the National Infectious Disease Control Unit are:

    To reduce the impact of infectious diseases on the individual the family and the society
    To control the spread of sexually transmitted infections including HIV and other infectious diseases
    To arrest the progress of the AIDS epidemic
    To facilitate the management of any emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.

  1. Programme management
  2. Counseling
  3. Education
  4. Surveillance
  5. Diagnosis and Treatment
  6. Condom distribution

These six areas guide the Unit in its prevention and control mandate.

Clients are seen at a clinic in St George’s.

The Unit is staffed as follows:

  • Medical Officers
  • Counsellor
  • Surveillance Nurses
  • Health Promotion Officer

Clients are seen at a clinic in St George’s, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Services Offered:

  1. Counselling
  2. Management of sexually transmitted infections
  3. Testing and counselling
  4. Management of HIV infected persons, including provision of antiretroviral medication and medication for opportunistic infections
  5. Referrals to support services, like social services, ophthalmology
  6. Home Care
  7. Free Condoms