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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

The MOH coordinates the entire health sector in implementing emergency and disaster preparedness measures including communications network, transportation system, in collaboration with other agencies such as the Royal Grenada Police Force, National Disaster Management Agency, the Red Cross and other private and public sector agencies.

Grenada has a highly trained and experienced cadre of Medical First Responders. Health workers at all levels with the exception of administrative staff have received training in emergency preparedness and disaster management. A Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Manual is utilized in the training of health professionals.  Protocols also have been developed for rapid risk assessment post disaster. Strategies that include emergency preparedness and disaster management components need to be included in the professional education curriculum thereby ensuring continuity in training.

Vulnerability assessments conducted on the major health facilities in Grenada revealed the need for structural improvements in these facilities i.e. reinforcement of roofs and other upgrades to improve resilience and functionality as they relate to service delivery.

Several simulation exercises including Mass Casualty Management exercises have been conducted in collaboration with other partners.  Strategies outlined in the Safe Hospital Index have been established, and training in emergency preparedness and disaster management is ongoing.