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Divisions Overview


Departments are the entities organizational structure of the ministry of health form to organize people, reporting relationships, and work in a way that best supports the accomplishment of the Ministry’s goals. Grenada's Ministry Of Health has Broken Structured itself into 14 Departments:


The top level where policies formulated and implemented and financial matters, personnel, and the general steering of the entire Ministry is coordinated. There you will find the following, (General Administration) Clerical/Support services, Personnel, Registry, Procurement unit, Finance, Transportation, Communications/Public Relations, Health Promotion, Environmental Health, Environmental Protection, Planning (Projects/Programs), Epidemiology/Health Information, Medical/Nursing Administration, Registry (Births/Deaths/Marriages).

This area is considered very important given the Government and Ministry’s continued mission to ensure a quality primary health care service.

With that in mind we encourage persons to utilize the services provided at the community level. It takes the very friendly name “Community Health”. (C.H.S) is fundamentally important since it takes into account medical, which include, dental, pharmacy community nursing, mental health, doctors’ clinic, environmental health/public health and health promotion.

Within the (C.H.S) you will find a network Six (6) district health centers and thirty (30) medical stations, spread throughout the country within a three (3) mile radial proximity.

Environment Health Department of (E.H.D) is responsible for monitoring & ensuring the best Environmental Health practices are adhered to at all times. The (E.H.D) also has a Vector Control Unit, which periodically monitors, investigates and terminates various forms of vectors, that threatens human wellbeing.

The entire department consists of 13 (EHO’s) and about 45 vector control officers, with offices in every parish, including Carriacou and Petite Martinique, that supervise the various districts and monitor the island’s Sea and Air ports.

Health and safety of the public is of paramount importance hence, remains the top priority of the department.

Most of the Environmental Health Officers (EHO’s) from time to time undergo many different training in areas of food safety, food borne diseases investigation, mass surveillance, etc.

Public Health Safety Services include but not limited to the following: food safety investigation, water quality, waste management, monitor and monitor, control and evaluate the spread of infectious diseases and investigate as well as controlled the spread of hazardous materials.

Officers within the (E.H.D) can be reached by calling the Ministry of Health.

The mission of this department is to promote the practice of good health habits and disseminate information designed at educating people. Currently the department is staffed with six officers.