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  • Recruitment of a Radiologist
  • Reintroduction of studentship (Apprenticeship) programme for succession planning especially in Laboratory and Radiology Department.
  • Two Primary care officers completed an observation and understudy of the Primary Health Care System in Dominica
  • Commencement of twice monthly continuing education sessions for medical doctors
  • Three persons graduated from the Caribbean Health Leadership Institute (CHLI)
  • Fourteen (14) persons trained in HIV Management – Online Program.
  • Four (4) Staff Nurses graduated with Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 
  • One staff obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, another continues study in Psychology.
  • Stakeholder consultation on health system strengthening - public private partnership
  • Forty-five (45) staff nurses and nursing assistants trained in basic foot care management. 
  • Testing and counselling workshop for Nurse, Pharmacist (PAHO funded)
  • Forty nine (49) Nurses obtained training/ update on Maternal and Child Health, Contraceptive Technology and use of Family Planning New Decision Tool
  • Distribution of (35) New Decision Tools now being used at health centers and medical stations
  • Forty nine (49) Nurses trained in the prevention and management of cervical cancer and introduction to the used of Acetic Acid in visual inspection of the cervix
  • Twenty six (26) District Nurses acquired knowledge and stills in TB screening
  • Twenty nine Nurses received training in foot care management
  • Commencement of foot care clinics
  • Printed and distributed 2000 almanacs and 400 posters to both the public and private health sectors and workplaces to sensitize the public on the importance of postnatal visits and early antenatal booking
  • Three persons received financial assistance towards their training in Environmental Health (USD12,000)
  • One person received financial towards the B.Sc in Physiotherapy (USD10,000)
  • One Nurse received Post basic training in operating techniques (USD7,000)
  • One nurse received post basic training in Intensive Care (USD7,000)
  • Two  nurses received training in Drug Abuse and Addiction
  • Two persons continue to receive financial assistance towards  Associate Degree in Health Information
  • Fifty five doctors and pharmacists trained on Rational use of Medicinal Products
  • Refresher training on Immunization

  • Implementation of revised fees schedule for Laboratory and Radiology Services
  • Introduction of extended hours for collection of fees for service
  • One hundred percent collection of revenue from registration and license fees from Pharmacies, Distributors and Importers
  • Exceeded the revenue collection target for 2011
  • Prefeasibility study on alternative  Health Financing conducted

  • Complete payment in the sum of XCD 2,070,000 for the Grand Anse health clinic
  • Complete refurbishment of Hermitage and Union medical stations at the cost of XCD 109,000
  • Complete floor plan and work schedule for Hospital Development Project
  • Retrofit former Nursing school to accommodate ward, physiotherapy, endoscopy and finance units at the cost of XCD 8,349.
  • Retrofit Air Conditioning System at the operating theatres and intensive care Unit General Hospital (XCD 157,000) – 85% completed
  • Complete installation of fly screens on windows at Princess Alice Hospital (XCD 9,902,000)
  • Complete relaying of sewer lines at Princess Alice Hospital-(XCD 100,592)
  • Reinforced fencing of the Central Medical Stores compound(XCD 128.000)
  • Demolition, excavation and cart away debris from site of Gouyave Health Centre - (XCD 43,800)
  • Maintenance /remodel of Community Health facilities including St. George’s and St David’s Health Centres, and New Hampshire, Mt. Carmel, Mt. Pleasant, Perdmontemps and Windward Medical Stations -  (XCD 202,140)
  • Installation of security bars on doors and windows at Westerhall Medical Station(XCD 4592)
  • Dialysis Unit - work ongoing - original estimates were XCD 89,454, cost overrun of XCD 162,000 experienced Ministry of Works to cover the excess. 

  • Promote healthy lifestyles to delay onset or reduce the incidence of chronic non-communicable diseases- six community education sessions facilitated on chronic diseases
  • Leaflets designed produced and disseminated on Diabetes, hypertension, care of diabetic foot.
  • Chronic Care Passport launched
  • Sixty thousand seven hundred and forty eight (60,748) patients attended DMO clinics during the year 2011
  • Expand & enhance school health program.
  • Public workers education program
  • Risk communication plan for diarrhoea
  • One Hundred and forty eight schools including Pre- primary, Primary and Secondary benefited from three visits by NYU Grenada School-Based Dental program; 22,000 Children received sealant and vanish and 2000 adults were treated at the clinics.
  • Risk factors for chronic disease survey and analysis completed.
  • Registration of Births, Deaths, Marriages, Legitimization and Adoptions.
  • Amendments and production of Birth, Death, Marriage, Legitimization and Adoption certificates.
  • Twenty one (21) new patients started on HIV medications.
  • Commencement of the finalization of the National Strategic plan for HIV/AIDS
  • Ninety nine(99) persons received assistance under the programme for Elderly and Necessitous Persons at the cost of XCD57,256.00
  • Seventy two (72) persons received assistance under the programme for  Medical Assistance Overseas at the cost of XCD180,186.00
  • One patient currently in Cuba undergoing radiation therapy
  • Two patients (under 10years) currently in Trinidad & Tobago undergoing radiation through the RBTT Cancer Programme
  • Two patients currently in the United States undergoing ophthalmic surgery
  • Three (3) patients currently receiving financial  assistance through the kidney foundation at the rate of XCD 1,000 per month
  • One Hundred and forty health professionals including Doctors, Hospital and District based Nurses, Pharmacists, Nutritionist and Diabetic Educators received training in the management of Diabetes and Hyperlipidaemia.

  • Completion of a policy document for the revitalization of Primary Health Care
  • Amendment and production of Births, Deaths, Marriage Legitimization and Adoption certificates
  • Completion of Mobile Birth Registration Project With a success rate of 81% - out of a total of 9,063 persons 7,339 birth records were reconciled
  • Commenced the process of revision of International Health Regulations Act, in conjunction with the Attorney General’s Office
  • Distribution of revised Nursing Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Revision of the major section of the Public Health Act- Anti Litter, Vagrancy
  • Completion and printing of the integrated Vector Control Manual
  • Completion of survey and analysis of risk factors for chronic diseases
  • Development of draft integrated surveillance manual
  • Completion of revision of data collection instrument for Community Health Services
  • Completion of consultation on the proposed new Mental Health Legislation
  • Consultation on integration of Mental Health into Primary Health Care
  • Development of Tuberculosis Manual  and training
  • Development of Anaemia  Protocol (90% completed)
  • Twenty four television interviews conducted on the programme Health Matters
  • Approximately 50,000 leaflets, brochures and other educational materials produced and disseminated

  • Health Disaster Management – 26 persons.
  • Alcohol and Drug rehabilitation at CARIAD – 2 persons.
  • Associate degree in Environmental Science – College of Science Technology and Applied Art of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT) – 2 persons.
  • Physiotherapy at UWI Mona Jamaica – 1 person.
  • Virtual Leadership Development Program and Clinical Management online – approx 20 persons.
  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing online program – 5 persons.
  • Post Basic midwife program – T.A.M.C.C – 17 registered nurses.
  • Public Health Officers on Drinking and Recreational Water Monitoring and Analysis – Approx 15 persons.
  • Public Health Officers – integrated vector control and dengue prevention – approx 20 persons  

  • Over 600 clients received medical assistance for the following;
  • Medical treatment not available locally – EC $217,804.73
  • Medication
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Special medical supplies
  • Overseas Oncology Medical Treatment – 21 patients received free assistance in the United States from Dr. Trevor Layne & his volunteer team. 
    1. NB: total cost of this service (US $4.7m)
    2. These include; Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy (External Beam) Brachytherapy (Seeds), Surgical procedures, radiological tests (MRI, CT, PET scans) Hospital stay.
    3. Provision of duty free concessions on equipments to Island Health Services (HIS), provision of medical supplies from Central Medical Stores at reduce cost to (HIS) and the contribution of EC $1000,00 per patient per month for Dialysis.
    4. Forty (40) children received specialist care in cardiology and orthopedics provided by the International Hospital for Children in Virginia, through the St. Vincent hub. 
  • Procurement and Installation of Equipment; 
    1. Alcon Infinity Vision System at the General Hospital – to the tune of US $60,000.00 (EC $163,014.00). A modern piece of biomedical equipment which allows an Ophthalmic Surgeon to undertake and Successful complete of cataract removal in 15 minutes with no sutures and no need for overnight hospitalization.
    2. A new surgical C-arm at the General Hospital – to the turn of US $85.500 (EC $232,295.00). An important piece of equipment in surgery when implanting screws in hip replacement thus reducing complication increasing rate/speed of recovery, also used when implanting cardiac pace makers, in urology in the removal of kidney stones, etc. 
  • Restoration of 198 patient lockers at the General Hospital; 
    1. Replacement and installation of new toilets – replacement of all (domestic type toilets) on the wards at the General Hospital. 
  • Elevator at the General Hospital: Retrofitted at a cost of EU $210,174.00 (EC $809,169.90)
  • Relocation and upgrading of Snug Corner Medical Station at Beaulieu in St George’s
  • Health Practitioners Act of 2010 which allows for registration of doctors and Allied Health Professionals
  • Continuation of the Schools Dental Health Program in conjunction with the New York University and the Ministry of Education. This Collaboration will continue over the next three years. It will include training for local participants in the program.
  • Continuation of a national CNCD Risk Factor Survey to aide in the planning of Health Promotion and Prevention campaign Strategies.
  • Commencement of public consultation on the new draft Mental Health Bill.
  • Provision of free HIV testing and ante-retroviral medication to all infected persons, regardless to their political, social or religious belief.
  • Appointment of the National Chronic Diseases Commission – Comprising representatives from all key Stakeholder including SGU to advise on new strategies to reduce the incidence of NCDS, chaired by Dr. Omowail Amuleru Marshall.
  • Appointment of National AIDS Commission Chaired by Mr. Terry Charles
  • Establishment of a MOU with Dalhousie University in Canada.