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About Religious Affairs

About Religious Affairs

Division of Religious Affairs

The Division of Religious Affairs was established as a result of recommendations coming from the Prime Minister’s consultations with the religious community and those contained in the National Crime Reduction Strategy.

The Division serves as the agency of Government through which matters pertaining to the religious community are brought to the attention of relevant government authorities.  In the pursuance of its mandate, the Ministry will have consultations with the leaders/heads of denominations or their representatives.  This consultative process will help the government to understand the needs, concerns and interests of churches.

The following are some of the core services to be provided by the Division:

  • To manage the development and implementation of policies/procedures/guidelines which support the management of Religious Affairs
  • To bring to Government’s attention matters pertaining to the needs, concerns and interests of the religious community and make recommendations in respect of the same
  • To advise relevant Departments of the State on specific religious dynamics relevant to national policy priorities
  • To provide information about the requirements and process for the following: 
    • Registering religious bodies
    • Application for Marriage Licenses
    • Obtaining work permits
    • Concessions and waiver of duties and taxes