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About HRD

About HRD

The Human Resource Development Division also known as Scholarship Desk administers Government’s National Scholarship Program in its entirety from research/receipt of notice of scholarship to preparing for awardees’ commencement of studies in the case of SGU and departure in the case of students travelling abroad. These scholarships are long term (minimum of one year and lead to Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees. Programs of a shorter duration are managed by the Department of Public Administration.  

The Division is also involved in policy development and implementation in respect of issues related to scholarships.

The Division is structured as follows:


In the execution of its function, the Division works closely with a Cabinet appointed National training Awards Selection Committee (NTASC). The Committee Shortlists and interviews candidates for scholarship awards and also informs policy by way of recommendations.  

Interested persons can view our Facebook page to access scholarship announcements and application forms.

The Scholarship Desk is located on the top floor of the Ministry of Education Building, Sir Eric Gairy Botanical Gardens, Tanteen, St. George. The Division may be contacted via email: or telephone numbers: +1 (473) 440-2737 | +1 (473) 417-9762.