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Climate Resilience, The Environment, Forestry, Fisheries & Disaster Management

FNDP Profile

Forestry and National Parks Department (FNPD)

Forests and Forest resources play an essential role in the economic, social and cultural development of Grenada. They provide essential goods and services and are an integral part of the natural heritage. The conservation of the country’s forest resources is an economic, social and moral imperative. It contributes to natural development objectives, including the elimination of poverty.

Vision: Grenada’s leading natural resource management institution that ensures the optimum contribution of forests to environmentally-sound social and economic development.

The following principles will guide the Department in achieving its vision:  

  • Leadership: By acting on its given role in facilitating the implementation of the policy.
  • Accountability: By adopting democratic and transparent approaches to internal and external relationships. 
  • Trust: By acting as a reliable partner in joint management arrangements.   

Mission: To facilitate the participation of institutional, community and individual partners in the sustainable management and wise use of Grenada’s forest resources.

In doing so the Department will work as: 

  • A facilitator: initiating the development of linkages and partnerships with stakeholders 
  • A partner: Responsive to the needs of collaborating individuals, communities and institutions.   
  • An advocate: To develop a broad base of support for the Forest Policy related initiatives

Mandate: Forestry Management

Forest Policy Goal: To optimise the contribution of forests to Grenada’s environmentally-sound social and economic development and ensure the resilience and sustainability of the resource

Policy Objectives:

  • Conserve species, ecosystems, and genetic diversity
  • Manage forest resources to build Grenada’s climate change resilience implementing appropriate climate change adaptation and mitigation actions 
  • Optimize the sustainable contribution of forest resources to social and economic development, supporting forest-based livelihoods and food security 
  • Maintain, enhance and restore the ability of forests to provide goods and services on a sustainable basis
  • Ensure a strong enabling environment for the implementation of the policy

Contact Information

Chief Forestry Officer - Anthony Jeremiah (Actg.)

Queens Park Head Office St. George’s Grenada
Tel: 1-473-440-2934 
Facebook: Grenada Forestry Department  

Lead Focal Point For:

  • CITIES: Convention on Trade in Endangered Species
  • RAMSAR: Convention on Wetlands