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Land registry information

Land registry information

The Grenada Lands Agency (GLA) was established in 2012 and is the result of the Government of Grenada’s Public Sector Modernization Program. Its primary purpose is to ensure that the land resource is used in an efficient and responsible way to achieve the sustainable development of the nation. By merging the various land functions under one Agency and using such technologies as eGovernment and computer mapping the GLA will be able to deliver public service more efficiently. For example, one of the initiatives (branded as eLandGrenada) will provide citizens and investors with 24/7 access to land related information.

  • All documents within the Registry of Deeds will be made available on-line. A general search of what is available in the Registry will be a free service, and for those wishing to download documents there will be a small charge. To search the system you must register and activiate email.
  • Presently, the online deed document start from 1940 and is being updated daily with present deed documents.
  • The services is offered any where in the world. However, downloading deed documents will require payment over the counter at the Government's Revenue Department.
  • While we try to ensure that all records are accurate in our online system, there may be error. Please contact us if you have any issue with matching index and documents, we will be happy to help.
  • If your name search does not provide the index record, you can alway try using parts of the names to search, eg. use Dav for David" and Cha for Charles

Currently you can search the website on the following criteria:
(1) Using known names - a firstname and surname is needed.
(2) Using Book Number and Page Number (eg. Z9 and 876)
(3) Document Entry Year and Registration Number (eg. 890 of 1954)

Visit here for eLandRegistry system.