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Agriculture Export Guidelines

Export Guidelines

Application for license for exportation of fresh produce

(1) Any person requiring a license shall apply in writing to the Director of Grenada Bureau of Standards and shall set forth in such application—
(a) his or her trading name, address and identification number;
(b) the location of the packing house where he or she proposes to clean, grade, store and pack fresh produce and the name of fresh produce which he or she desires to deal in;
(c) whether his or her application is for an original license or for the renewal of a license.

(2) The prescribed non-refundable application fee shall accompany such application.

(3) The prescribed annual license fee shall be paid on approval of the application.

(4) The Director shall make such enquiries as he or she may deem necessary in order to determine whether the applicant has sufficient and suitable place for the cleaning, storing, grading and packing of produce.

Issue of certificate

On being satisfied that the fresh produce contained in any package is fit for export, and that all the requirements of sections 7 and 8 of this Act have been complied with, the Inspector shall issue a certificate with the Bureau’s stamp showing that the fresh produce contained therein has passed inspection.

Further details can be found under Exportation of Fresh Produce Act in Laws of Grenada site.