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Maintenance Agreement

Enable this service to obtain a legally mandated Maintenance Agreement.

Service Information

Women, children or others who require a contribution from their legal spouse or parents can apply for this service.

In general, the counsellors at the Courts shall help mitigate the situation without legal intervention, by offering counseling and mediation services. When all avenues are exhausted, a legally mandated Maintenance Agreement is sought


Exploration of all counseling and mediation avenues before resorting to this service.

Process Steps
  1. Register yourself online
  2. The Maintenance Agreement Form is filled. Additionally, provide as applicable, the Case No., Details of the Magistrate, Court, Matter of, Schedule Court Date and Matter.
    • Fill the comprehensive details - Names and details of Complainant, Defendant, Dependent Children are filled [Including Name, Address, Occupation, Contacts) and of dependents gender, Age / Date of Birth, School attending
    • Defendants Finances are filled. Social Worker Comments / Recommendations taken. The social worker will try to settle the case amicably outside of the court
  3. You will be provided a date for a hearing with the Magistracy Court, following which a signed agreement shall be reached.
Payment Details

There are no payments associated with this service.


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