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Sports Person Coaching Request

Sportspersons can request coaching from regional and nationally accomplished coaches to help build skills and talent.

Service Information

The Government of Grenada encourages sports at the national and global levels and helps identify and develop talent from grassroots levels. Individuals interested in availing sports programs at their school, parish or national levels may apply and benefit from this program. Young women and men outside of school, but are interested in pursuing their passion should apply and avail this program.  Where available, a coach, and/or a ministry official shall contact you to guide you to the correct resource to help enhance your skills.

  • Passion for sports, and determination to succeed are essential
  • Accomplishments and awards are added advantages, when a strong will to succeed is exhibited
Process Steps
  1. Register yourself as an individual and obtain access credentials to the E-Services portal.
  2. Sign in and access the Request Coaching Form
  3. Complete the Form, clearly mentioning in your own words how you would stand to benefit from having access to a coach.
  4. Upload form, along with additional proofs of potential, and success including participation, achievements and awards. Provide as much details as possible to enhances your chances of obtaining a coach.
  5. Click Submit
  6. Revisit periodically to check status of your application. Provide sufficient time for a coach or ministry official to respond to your request.

Ministry Of Youth Development, Sports, Culture & The Arts

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