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Sports Person & Artists Request Sponsorship

Request sponsorship to help build talent, skills and education.

Service Information

Sports person & artists can request sponsorship from business houses, charities and sponsoring agencies to help nurture talent, further educational opportunities and skills development. Young and aspiring stars can start by building your profile and submit your application to become visible to organizations looking to sponsor talent.

Process Steps
  1. Register yourself as an individual and obtain access credentials to the E-Services portal.
  2. Sign in and access the Request Sponsorship Form
  3. Complete the Form, and upload along with additional proofs of potential, and success including participation, achievements and awards. Provide as much details as possible to enhances your chances of obtaining a sponsorship
  4. Mention clearly in your own words why you are requesting sponsorship, and how you intend to use it
  5. Click Submit
  6. Revisit periodically to check status of your application. Provide sufficient time for the sponsoring agency to identify and respond to your request.
Payment Details

In the event of any urgency, or emergency, kindly contact the

Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture & The Arts, Government Complex, Botanical Garden, St. Georges, Grenada / Grenada Cultural Foundation, National Stadium,  St. Georges. Grenada, West Indies.


Ministry Of Youth Development, Sports, Culture & The Arts

3rd Floor, Ministerial Complex
Sir Eric Matthew Gairy Botanical Gardens, Tanteen
St. George's, Grenada, W.I.
Tel: +1 (473) 440-6917 | +1 (473) 440-6918
Fax: +1 (473) 440-6924