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Permanent Residence Status & Card

Individuals residing in Grenada for more than 3 years can apply and obtain Permanent Residence Status & a valid Permanent Residence Card

Service Information

Foreign nationals residing in Grenada for reasons on project, business or otherwise can apply and obtain a valid Permanent Residence Status and an associated Permanent Residence Card.

Process Steps
  1. Register yourself as a visitor, and obtain valid access credentials to avail this service.
  2. Download the Permanent Residence Application Form and Application form for Permanent Residence Card.
  3. Complete details requested in both forms including details of family, occupation, earnings, dependents, and reasons for application, as requested.
  4. Upload copies of the requested documents listed below
    1. Reference Letter from a reputable person in the country of birth or residence and from Grenada
    2. Copy of a valid Birth Certificate, an additional affidavit in the event that the name doesn’t match that in the certificate
    3. Bank Reference
    4. Copy of Passport Photograph (clearly showing ears, hairline and obtained without glasses)
    5. Police Certificate of Character from the country of origin and residence. Must be dated within 6 months of application
    6. Letter stating the date of arrival in Grenada, purpose of visit, the activities engaged in and reason why applicant would like to be a citizen
    7. Medical Certificate from a Registered Practitioner which includes
      1. Chest X-Ray
      2. Malaria Blood Smear
      3. Serum Creatinine
      4. RPR, VDRL or other serological tests for Syphilis
      5. Stool for culture and microscopic examination
      6. HIV antibody test
      7. Update immunization status including measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus and hepatitis B – 3 doses (copy of Immunization card must be produced)
      8. Mantoux (TB) Test

The medical report MUST be done at any MEDICAL FACILITY IN GRENADA

  1. Make payment as required. Those living abroad can make payments by money order or check, ensuring that the form processing starts instantaneously on receipt.
  2. Review and submit the application
  3. Revisit and check status.
Payment Details

Citizens of CARICOM Countries and Cuba - EC$1,000.00
Non-CARICOM - EC$5,000.00
Due Diligence Checks - EC$275.00


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