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Occasional License to Sell Liquor

This service enables you to obtain a temporary license to sell spirits in public.

Service Information

The occasional license enables a citizen to sell spirits, especially during events such as the carnival. This license does not constitute a permanent license to sell spirits, and is limited to a maximum of 4 days a week. There is a per day cost for the license that is paid upfront, the amount of which depends on the place of sale.

Process Steps
    1. Register yourself online
    2. Fill the Occassional License Form. The details to be provided includes the name of the dealer from whom alcohol shall be procured, and the owner of the place where it shall be sold
    3. Review Details
    4. Submit Form
    5. Make payment. Total payment collected shall depend on the number of days for which permit Is issued (that cannot exceed 4 days per week), and the place of sale (EC$5 or EC$3 depending on distance from the origin of a parish town).
    6. Revisit to find status.

Once Approved, a digital copy of the License shall be available for you to download.

Payment Details

Payment shall be EC$5 or EC$3 / day of sale, depending on the place of sale.


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