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Hazard Waste Clearance

Inform us of waste that you find in your surrounding that can be hazardous to the environment.

Service Information

The general public can rapidly and directly inform the concerned authority of waste/dumps in their neighbourhood before they affect the environment.

Process Steps

Login is not required to fill the form. However, citizens and businesses requiring an update on the issue are required to login and fill the form.

  1. Click on the Hazardous Waste Clearance Form
  2. Select type of waste. Provide details of the waste, how long you have found it to be there, and the danger it may cause to the environment.
  3. Upload an image of the waste and surrounding (optional)
  4. Review details. Click submit.

The concerned ministry shall process the request. It's quite possible that you may not hear back from them but rest assured the required issue shall be considerately attended.

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Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority

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Frequenté Industrial Park Road, The Lime, Grenada
Tel: +1 (473) 444-2019