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Death Registration

Death Registration provides an authenticated government recognition of the death, and certification of cause of death by a registered medical doctor, to enable subsequent issue of a Death Certificate that helps facilitate burial & cremation, pension / insurance / financial processing by dependents, and other civil procedures.

Service Information

A person related to the deceased, or who lives in proximity, makes a notice to the district Registrar about the death event that has occurred, along with the details of the deceased.

The Registrar shall make a note of the event, and cause a issuance of a valid Death Certificate by a Registered Medical Practitioner, who shall visit deceased, evaluate and ascertain the cause of death. The doctor needs to issue the “Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death” before the death can be registered.

Once the death is registered, one can apply for a valid Death Certificate, to enable burial or subsequent banking, insurance or related processes.

Click here to visit the Death Certificate service.

  1. Reporting of the death to the District Registrar or a Registered Medical Practitioner
Process Steps
  1.  Fill the Registration of Death Form (formally, the Certificate of Registrar, Form 5) by providing the details of the deceased, such as name, date of birth and others requested. Also provide the name, address and contact of the informant, filling the form. Submit
  2. Contact the Registered Medical Practitioner in your distrct to obtain a copy of the “Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death” (Form 6). Visit back to this site, login, and attach a digital copy of this form to the previous application.
  3. Once the Death is registered, the Certificate of Death can be issued. Request this by clicking Death Certificate Issuance
  4. Alternately, where there is an urgency, you can visit the District Office and access the online application, or hand over a physical copy of the "Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death" to the Officer in-charge of the Births & Death Registry.
  5. The officer shall expedite the process by validating the Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death, register the Death in their Registry, and issue you a Death Certificate immediately.
Payment Details

A fee of EC$7 is charged for this service, with EC$5 for the Stamp, and EC$2 for the Receipt.


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