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Grenada Medical & Dental Council Application for Practicing Certificate

Obtain a medical & dental council practitioners certificate

Service Information

Medical professionals wishing to practice in Grenada are required to apply and obtain a valid Practicing Certificate. Users can apply as a general practitioner, consultant, or as a specialist.


Users need to register and become part of the Grenada Medical & Dental Council before obtaining a Practicing Certificate

Process Steps
  1. Register yourself to avail valid access credentials to the e-services portal.
  2. Download the Application for Practicing Certificate.
  3. While filling the form, indicate if you would like to practice as a General Practitioner, Specialist or as a Consultant. Tick all that apply.
  4. If you have taken any Continuing Medical Education courses in the last three years, you need to provide details and proof of having taken them.
  5. Upload the filled form and additional certificates and documents as required.
  6. Log in to the portal to check application status.

Grenada Medical and Dental Council

P.O. Box: 3323, St. George’s, Grenada, W.I.
Phone: +1 (473) 459-2384 | +1 (473) 444-2384