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Grenada Hosts three week Seminar on Cold Storage Logistics - New Cold Facility to Installed by Participants

Given the Ministry of Agriculture’s thrust to ensure Food and Nutrition Security for all, locals are involved in a three-week Bilateral Training Seminar on Cold Storage Logistics here in Grenada. The training is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and organized with support from the Department of Public Administration.

It was opened on Thursday 21st November at the Grenada National Stadium. Over the three weeks, participants will become more aware of the manipulation of cold storage, such as suitable temperatures, Packaging and storage.

The opportunity for Grenada to have access to better cold storage facilities means local produce such as fruits, vegetables and meats can be chilled or frozen; prolonging the shelf life, maintaining the fresh appearance of the food and ensuring food availability throughout the year.

Cold chain technology is important in these modern times; given its significance in the food and medical industry; and in particular for small tropical countries like Grenada. The Dean of International Logistics at the Department of Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College in China, Daniel Lui Xiquan explains.

“This Seminar is designed to meet your increasing market demands for cold chain technology and also an action under China’s belt and road initiative to promote the cooperation and strengthen the friendship between China and Grenada “

He added that, “during the seminar participants will be privy to learning about China’s economic reform and logistic industry, the history of the cold chain industry, information technology in cold chain logistics management, China’s Cold Chain enterprises and also one week practical training courses with two experts of the Cold Chain Industry from a famous Cold Chain company in China, to build a cold chain storage at the La Sagesse Demonstration Farm.”

Sun Sen Director of General Affairs Division and Deputy Director of Bilateral Affairs at the embassy of the People’s Republic of China congratulated all the candidates that were selected to participate in the course.

He said, “The training will also include on-site practice at the La Sagesse Farmland to enable trainees the practical skills on building and maintaining low-temperature storage, a fundamental part in Cold Chain logistics.”

Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Mr. Elvis Morain said, “We are very excited about the installation of such a facility here, where locals will be involved in the process, hands-on. While we have a mandate of ensuring food and nutrition security in this context it means that we must ensure that health and safety are foremost. The cold chain management is critical to some of the things we do and this is an ideal opportunity to take things to the next level.”

Alana Felix-Roberts Human Resource Officer at the Department of Public Administrations (DPA) says this is the only bilateral training on home soil for 2019 and describes the training as timely. The training will have a mixed methodological approach involving lectures, discussions and practical sessions.

“This course is quite timely and necessary as some representatives from health, agriculture and other related sectors will be exposed to critical knowledge and skills as it relates to maintaining the integrity of pharmaceutical, agricultural and other temperature-sensitive products.”

The Course runs from November 21st to December 12th, 2019. The Ministry of Agriculture and lands hope that this seminar will improve our technology, promote economic development and strengthen the friendship between the two countries.

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