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Fishing Vessel License

All fishing vessels that ply in the waters of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique need to be registered and have a unique number displayed on the vessel.

Service Information

Grenada and the sister islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique are some of the worlds fertile grounds for some of the exotic fishes in the world. Currently, in the #1 list of the European Union, the fishes of Grenada are globally sought after.

Before fishing, it is essential to ensure that the fishing vessel is registered and inspected for sea worthiness.

  • The fishing vessel shall have all provisions and supplies listed in the checklist. These shall be inspected during the Fishing Vessel Licensing Process.
  • It is also essential that the vessel be sea worthy
  • The Fishing Vessel License application shall be filled only by the owner, or master of the vessel.
Process Steps
  1. Register yourself online
  2. Fill the details of yourself and the fishing vessel requested in the form. Mention if this is a New Registration or a Renewal. Details requested in the form shall include
    • type of fishing, fishes to be caught
    • Details of crew
    •  Name and Color of the Vessel, among others.
  3. The form is received by one of the District Fisheries Officer of Grenada, who shall arrange to visit, and sees the boat, takes a picture as evidence of the vessel's existence.
    • Officer also reviews the checklist of items to be kept and checks the knowledge of the crew on the utilization of the items.
    • Note: If the boat is under construction, you can still apply for a Vessel License (in order to enable obtaining a Concession/tax exemption for buying motor etc.).
  4. Once the Officer gives approval, a License is issued. A colored permit sticker that is to be stuck on the vessel is also provided.


PROMINENT DISPLAY: The License shall be Laminated and Kept in the Vehicle at all times. Fisher folks shall also have the Color PERMIT stuck in the front of the boat so a Coat Guard can see from a distance using binoculars.

ANNUAL RENEWAL: all vessel licenses are renewed in November. A crew visits the village and conducts renewals.

FOREIGN VESSEL REGISTRATION: THE process for registering a Foreign Vessel is similar to the above, though the form is slightly different.

Payment Details

There is a very minimal payment of EC$15 associated with this registration.


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