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Firearm Users License

Apply to the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) to obtain a firearms permit.

Service Information

A Grenadian Citizen, or a permanent resident, or business can apply to possess firearms in the tri-island State of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

Interested users can apply with details about themselves, the firearm (s) & quantity they possess or wish to possess, and the reason for the same. 

The following conditions shall be observed by the holder of this licence:

(1) The firearms and ammunition to which this licence relates shall at all times when not in actual use be kept in a secure place with a view to preventing access to them by unauthorised persons

(2) The loss or theft of any of the firearms to which this licence relates shall be reported at once to the Commissioner of Police

(3) Any change in the permanent address of the holder of this licence shall be notified without delay to the Commissioner of Police


Every person from whom the holder of this license purchases or acquires firearms or ammunition shall comply with the following instructions.

  1. Every person selling, letting on hire, giving or lending a firearm or ammunition to the holder of this license must give a certificate of the transaction on one of the forms marked ‘A’ attached to this license.
  2. If the holder of this license is unknown to the person from whom he purchases or acquires firearms, such person must obtain a receipt from the holder of the license for any firearm supplied to the holder of this license and keep it for production if required.
  3. The person from whom the holder of this license purchases or acquires any firearms or ammunition must within forty-eight hours of the completion of the transaction in respect of which the certificate on Form ‘A’ was given report in writing to the Commissioner of Police any circumstances attending that transaction which appear to require investigation.

A license to possess firearms does not constitute a license to use indiscriminately, wound or kill another life without a life-threatening reason, doing which constitutes a crime under the constitution of Grenada and will be treated as such.

Process Steps
  1. Register yourself online as a citizen and obtain access credentials to the E-Services section of the portal.
  2. Login and download the Form of Firearm Users License.
  3. Fill the form and upload. Read and comply with all the conditions under which the permit is given.
  4. Review and Submit the form. Make payments as necessary
  5. Revisit and check status.

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