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Biosafety Permit

Introduction of new chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, microorganisms, and genetic material into the environment can have long-term impact. Hence such introductions need to be reviewed scientifically, along with expert opinions and public consultation before such approvals are provided. Additionally, a comprehensive review and surveillance mechanism needs to be in place to control for long term impacts that sometimes could be harmful to the environment and the community.

Service Information


Individuals and organization desirous of conducting research, introducing new agrochemicals, or organisms that are not native to the region, or genetically engineered organisms, are required to apply for a Biosafety Permit.

The application is reviewed by a panel of experts, following which they are open for public consultation and finally a permit is provided to go ahead, or a permit not approved to hold back on such research or new material introduction.

Organizations have the option to revisit the application and request review once new support material or crucial evidence has been identified, allowing for a dynamic review procedure.

Following an approval, in the event, a negative or harmful effect is seen the Government of Grenada can review the evidence and act in its interest so as not to disturb the community or its fishing, tourism, agriculture or other industries

  1. Comprehensive scientific and medical evidence that provide support to the notion that the material to be introduced or researched is safe to the environment and to the people.
  2. Evidence that the new chemical or organism would strategically, sustainably and economically benefit the country and the local communities, and not just act beneficial to a foreign entity that engages in the new business.
Process Steps
  1. Register yourself online
  2. Download the Application for Biosafety
  3. Upload the Form, along with comprehensive evidences and scientific literature required to allow an independent expert committee to review and take a prudent decision
  4. Make the required payment
  5. Periodically review the status of your application online. If new evidences or processes are requested, kindly provide them at the earliest date to expedite the process.
Payment Details

Fees applicable to the processes are made available in the Application Form.


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